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Tomato and White Bean Soup

Per serving: 383 calories; 23g protein; 18g fat; 7g saturated fat; 34g carbohydrates; 27mg cholesterol; 1072mg sodium; 7g fiber

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Braised Beef in Espresso

The addition of coffee to a beef stew may look new and innovative, but it is one of the oldest methods of enriching a sauce. You can use freshly brewed strong coffee or instant espresso powder dissolved in boiling water. Try topping this stew with dumplings if you like.

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Turkey Pot Roast

One of my oldest cooking friends, Nancyjo Riekse, created this recipe, and I was absolutely delighted with the original concept for turkey in an old-fashioned recipe context. “This is for those of you who have stopped eating red meat but still crave that type of comfort food,” she writes. This recipe uses a hindquarter, one big, fat, dark-meat thigh section called the shank that is easily available when the turkeys leftover from the holidays are cut into portions to sell quickly. If you cannot find the shank, then substitute two regular turkey thighs that equal the same weight. Be sure the piece of meat can fit in your slow cooker. Serve with cranberry sauce.

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