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The Microwave: Christmas Spoon Food: Raspberry Trifle with Cream Sherry

Trifle is the quintessential winter holiday dessert and positively addicting. It might as well be the official state dessert in Great Britain. Every home, school lunchroom, tea parlor, and restaurant have a version it is so beloved.

My mom is known for her trifle, which is a cold dessert with layers of dense-textured plain cake soaked with cream sherry and a vanilla English custard, which she has made every Christmas for decades ever since she got her first microwave in the early 1980s.

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Not Your Mother’s® Casseroles

Generations of home cooks have turned to the casserole when in need of a quick and easy dinner. These assemble-and-bake meals recall memories of canned vegetables, boxed cheese and condensed soups. No more! In Faith Durand’s new book, you will find more than 200 recipes that bring together the simplicity of the one-pot meal with fresh and healthy ingredients to create casseroles that are decidedly “not your mother’s.”

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Not Your Mother’s® Fondue

Fondue is back on top when it comes to casual entertaining at home. It’s easy, interactive, and fun dining for everyone. Professional chef Hallie Harron covers everything you need to get started, including what kind of pots work best, how to serve fondue, how to calculate quantities of fondue and dippers depending on the number of diners, what to serve for sides and drinks, and other tips and techniques that will help you put together a fun and frenzy-free fondue party.

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