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New Casserole Recipe! Baked Spinach & Cheese, Indian-Style

Not Your Mother’s Casseroles maybe be done, printed, and on the shelves, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve quit making casseroles! Here’s a new one that I baked up last week. I was making an Indian-inspired dinner, with rice, cucumber salad,…

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Welcome to Not Your Mother’s Casseroles – The Blog!

Well hello there fellow casserole-makers and cooks. At last, let’s talk casseroles! It has been a busy winter, writing for and managing Apartment Therapy’s food and cooking site, The Kitchn and going on the road with Not Your Mother’s Casseroles. But…

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Old World Poundcake

I have a passion for poundcakes. Of course they are dense and rich, they’re meant to be, but for a birthday or special occasion holiday, it is a dessert cake that reigns supreme.
I grew up with poundcake. By a baker named Sara Lee.

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