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The Culinary Traveler: Rice and Vermicelli Pilaf

The combination of rice and thin pasta in a pilaf has pure Middle Eastern roots. It also happens to be the prototype for the commercial RiceARoni mix, a supermarket familiar. Want to make it from scratch (to cut down on the sodium but not lose the great flavor)? The secret is not to use too much pasta, just crumble some ultra-thin angel hair, vermicelli, or one little nest of pasta called a fideo.

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Classic Buttermilk Biscuits

Everyone who bakes should have a buttermilk biscuit in their repertoire. Its a favorite bread basket treat. People just love homemade biscuits. And, of course, you have some favorite biscuit cutters in your kitchen drawer or old empty amaretti cookie tin, just waiting to be used. It turns out biscuit cutters is one of my favorite simple gifts to bakers.

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