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Chili, Olive, and Cheese Casserole

This is the best chili casserole I have ever had!!!!” said Beth’s friend Gina DeLeone. “I’ll probably make this one sometime soon too. I love this stuff, make it for every pot luck at school, and don’t mind eating leftovers for days. I dare you to not eat it with a spoon right out of the crock!”

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Blueberry Crumble with Vanilla-Oat Streusel

The beginning baker is attracted to old-fashioned rustic fruit desserts as much as a seasoned one. Just because they are fast and easy, doesn’t mean they are fabulous tasting. Enter the fruit crisp. Crisps are essentially deep-dish fruit pies without the fuss of a top or bottom crust, but coated with a thick top layer of enticingly sweet streusel crumbs.

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