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Steamed Whole Fish, Asian Style

We always see these wonderful looking whole snapper at the Asian market and they look so inviting.  Here is the Chinese method for steaming a whole fish in the steamer baskets over a large rice cooker; it retains the texture…

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Equipment and Method: The Way to Cook Everything Stovetop and Oven

There are two basic cooking categories used for all foods: moist heat (steaming, poaching, braising, and boiling) or dry heat (baking or roasting, broiling, grilling, deep frying, pan-sautéeing). All meats, poultry, vegetables, eggs, grains, and fruit are cooked by these methods.

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Chez Dining Room: Cher

Cher used to own a home in Malibu that looked like an Egyptian temple. From Architectural Digest is one of the most fabulous of formal dining rooms from Cher’s home, perfect for a candlelit New Years dinner with a dozen friends.

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