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Cooking for A Crowd: Zucchini and Olive Enchiladas

People adore enchiladas on the buffet. There are many variations, maybe one for every cook who makes them, but here is one of the most delightfully unique–the filling is shredded zucchini and mellow California olives. My mother has been making this to satisfying vegetarians as long as I can remember and it is an often requested dish.

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Buddha’s Delight with Buckwheat Noodles

Over the centuries, a mixed vegetable stirfry in China picked up the name Buddha’s Delight memorializing the vegetarian observant Buddhist monks who ate it. Chinese food has wonderful metaphorical names for their dishes and it certainly grabs the attention of the diner. The stirfry changes with the seasons, but contains a mixture of healthful fresh and preserved vegetables, sometimes up to 10 to 12 different ones.

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My Best Sauces: Not Your Mother’s Tangy BBQ Sauce

So the summer is rolling and it is BBQ time again. This is just plain ol’ BBQ sauce; unadulterated and straightforward. My favorite. And made in the slow cooker. I make many types of sauces in the slow cooker, but this is one I consider one of my foundation sauces.

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