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Zappetizers for New Year’s Eve

The microwave makes appetizer entertaining easier and faster than ever. As any cook knows, appetizers can be the most daunting forms of cookery, often culminating in days of planning, labor, and last minute assembly. So when time is short and social gatherings are relaxed, it is helpful to have a few easy-to-create secret recipes for dips at hand. And enter the microwave to the rescue.

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I’m Dreaming of a White Chocolate Dessert for Christmas

I think white chocolate is one of the exotic, mysterious ingredients in the baker’s kitchen. My friends from Europe seek out white chocolate and enjoy its creamy flavor and consistency. It is much less a mainstream item in America.

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Cool Kitchen Tools

I don’t know if you have a weakness like me for new kitchen equipment and tools, but if you love spending time kitchen cooking or baking up this and that from my books, you probably do. Of course we all have plenty of stuff in our home kitchens, but as far as I’m concerned you can never have too many well made tools, including whisks, spatulas, baking pans, batter bowls…

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