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The Legend, The Lore, and How to Make the Ultimate Buckwheat Crêpe

Ti Couz (“the old house” in Gaelic) is a popular San Francisco crêperie bretonne conceived, owned, and run by my friend Sylvie Le Mer, who was born and raised in Quimper in Lower Brittany, France. Once a staple in the diet of both the rich and the poor, savory buckwheat crêpes, known as krampouz, are traditional in this area of France.

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Leftover Bread Cookery: The Charlotte and The Summer Pudding

The best known dessert using leftover bread other than bread pudding is a baked fruit Charlotte. It is an old dessert that shows up in many different cuisines. It might even be one of the first composed desserts–crushed fruit moistening bread. A mold is lined with buttered bread, filled with a seasonal fruit compote, and topped with a round of bread that helps contain the filling.

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