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Pumpkin Tales and Crock-Steamed Winter Squash

A sure sign that Indian summer is in full bloom is the appearance of the pumpkin patch the local produce stands. Farm Fresh Produce in the South San Francisco Bay Area occupied a stretch of property on the corner of a suburban area, and busy street, that grew corn as high as an elephant’s eye and ruby red oversized tomatoes, big sunflowers with their nodding heads to line the field, and old rose bushes, for as long as I can remember. How delightfully out of place.

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Roasted Pepitas

If you are using a fresh pumpkin, you will have pumpkin seeds, which can be roasted and salted for some good nibbling, used in baking, or for a topping on salads.

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Cooking for A Crowd: Dessert with the Vampires (Move Over Count Dracula)

One of my favorite characters in literature and movies is Count Dracula, the vampire from the Transylvanian Alps of Eastern Europe. Obviously I am not alone since the media is thick with pop Gothic vampire regalia.

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Vampire Dessert Buffet-Recipes and How To

photograph by Philip Burne-Jones Bt. (1861-1926)

Buffet Preparation, Storage,and Service Timeline

  • Prepare two chocolate tortes, the chocolate sauce, the crêpes, almonds, biscotti, chocolate chip cookie dough, and double batch of compote 2 to 3 days ahead.
    Miss Grace Jones/horror comedy/1991/look for…

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Preserved Lemons/Tagine of Lamb, Tomato, Green Beans, and Sesame

Preserved lemons are made by soaking lemons in a brine solution made of lemon juice, plus salt, sugar, or a combination of the two, until the lemons turn pulpy and soft. They are used as a distinctive condiment or flavor accent in Moroccan cuisine, but have gone on to be so popular and addictive that they show up in everything from gingerbread to rice pilaf, couscous, and salad dressings.

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