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Culinary Traveler: Lobster Salad Roll

It used to be that to have a luscious seafood roll, you had to travel to New England for this regional seashore specialty. Nada no mas.

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New Fashioned Bean Pot: Soak, Simmer, Then Flavor

The slow cooker, invented originally from an existing electric bean pot, is the most efficient way to cook dried beans and legumes, no matter what type you choose–mottled, black, red, or white. There is minimal evaporation during the cooking, just like in the old potbelly-shaped brown and cream clay bean pot that went in the oven or embers.

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The Microwave: Baja Fish Tacos

Fish tacos from the microwave start to finish? Yes. And the fish is perfect too. Fish tacos are no longer a regional Mexican secret. Homemade is just as good and people are wild about them.

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