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Raincoast Crisps

A few years ago, my mom mentioned raincoast crisps, a multi seed cracker she was buying at whole foods. I had not had them but they were flying off the shelves and a big hit at the yearly Fancy Food…

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Mediterranean Greek Salad

A well-made combination salad is an irresistible delight. Especially on a hot night. It is healthy eating at it’s best and appeals to all types of eaters, fitting all palates (those on special diets appreciate lusty main dish salads they can dig into with abandon as well).

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An Interview with Me and the Top Ten Reasons to Bake Your Own Bread

There are interviews and there are interviews. I do a lot of print and radio spots and it is one of the perks of a most often solitary job of testing recipes then writing them down, which can take hours per recipe. Interviews give me the chance to get out into the community and interact; to chatter with like minded foodies about what I love. I get really inspired when an interviewer has unique and well thought out questions that make me think and dig deep into my wellspring of knowledge. Here is an interview I did on baking bread and its renaissance in the home kitchen.

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