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Slow Cooker Lamb Shanks

Lamb is the stuff of myth, legend, and part of the story of the domestication of animals.  It is mentioned in the Bible and were used not only for religious purposes, but for food and wool.  It is a meat that…

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Mocha Oatmeal Cake

A favorite cake from one of my local restaurants, Peasant Chef and owner Joan Franck. When it closed, I was really happy I had taken the time to get this recipe.


2 cups strong hot coffee
3 cups quick-cooking oats…

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Glazed Ham Steak with Indian Potato Salad

I gaze longingly at the slice of ham steak in the butcher shop. Cryo-wrapped and a convenient size, I always wonder how best to serve it since it would be good with mashed or roasted potatoes, potato salads, cole slaw,…

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Borscht the Soup

Whether a hearty bean or split pea, exotically smooth cream soup, or chunky vegetable soup, everyone loves homemade soup, the one bowl meal.  They “light the inner fires” says soup and bread expert food writer Bernard Clayton.  Soups are the…

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Quick Pickled Winter Vegetables

Giardiniera ~ mixed garden vegetables in a light vinegary brine ~ is probably Italy’s most popular homemade pickle. Serve giardiniera with a wide range of foods; it makes an excellent cheese platter garnish. It cuts the richness of winter stews,…

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Slow Cooker Osso Bucco

Osso bucco is the traditional and classic Italian veal stew made with veal shanks.  It is served with saffron risotto or a plain saffron rice (page XX).  In Italy it is not unusual to see a diner digging out the…

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Spaghetti with Zucchini, Basil, and Mint

Once I had the combination of fresh basil and mint, I was hooked. Then I find out the partnering has a long tradition in Italian country food. This is a lovely summer pasta, satisfying for those nights when you want…

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Fruit Crisps A to Z (Apple to Zucchini)-Winter

Fruit by the Seasons

Food that tastes good and looks appealing will never be out of style and choosing seasonal produce is one of the essential ingredients that make it so.
Since beginning my culinary career, I have been examining the…

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Kabocha Pumpkin and Coconut Milk Soup

Joyce Jue is an old friend and extraordinary cook, cookbook writer, newspaper columnist, and culinary adventurer, specializing in exotic luxury cruises along the border of Southeast Asia designed just for foodies. Here is one of her special soups using one…

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Bread Machine Ciabatta Bread

So the stew is bubbling away in the slow cooker and then the next step is to pop a loaf into the bread machine to serve with it.  Ciabatta is probably one of the hottest Italian-style country breads made in…

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