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My Best Sauces: Rib-Eyes with Red Wine Pan Sauce

Sunday February 10, 2013

When writing NYM Weeknight Cooking, I spent time making sure all the basic pan sauces were included for the stovetop dishes. After all, they are fast and they are incredibly delicious, as well as being so basic to make, even a new-to-the-kitchen who never cooked before can master them in a flash.

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Steamed Whole Fish, Asian Style

Sunday January 27, 2013

We always see these wonderful looking whole snapper at the Asian market and they look so inviting.  Here is the Chinese method for steaming a whole fish in the steamer baskets over a large rice cooker; it retains the texture…

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Equipment and Method: The Way to Cook Everything Stovetop and Oven

Sunday January 20, 2013

There are two basic cooking categories used for all foods: moist heat (steaming, poaching, braising, and boiling) or dry heat (baking or roasting, broiling, grilling, deep frying, pan-sautéeing). All meats, poultry, vegetables, eggs, grains, and fruit are cooked by these methods.

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Chez Dining Room: Cher

Sunday January 6, 2013

Cher used to own a home in Malibu that looked like an Egyptian temple. From Architectural Digest is one of the most fabulous of formal dining rooms from Cher’s home, perfect for a candlelit New Years dinner with a dozen friends.

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Catering Stories: Two For One-Part 2

Sunday October 21, 2012

The counterpoint to the Victorian office party was that Nicole’s best friend decided to get married. The same day. And this was a marriage with a lot of excitement and happiness attached.

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The Microwave: Hot Chocolate for A Group with Vanilla Whipped Cream

Sunday October 14, 2012

Hot Chocolate the Divine. This recipe comes close to a fabulous ritual drink. It will make a hot chocolate similar to Starbucks, which uses a syrup.

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Gadbad Indian Ice Cream Sundae

Sunday September 23, 2012

Most composed ice cream sundaes are long low horizontal creations, like the banana split. Enter the Gadbad, the very vertical sundae.

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Chili, Olive, and Cheese Casserole

Sunday August 26, 2012

This is the best chili casserole I have ever had!!!!” said Beth’s friend Gina DeLeone. “I’ll probably make this one sometime soon too. I love this stuff, make it for every pot luck at school, and don’t mind eating leftovers for days. I dare you to not eat it with a spoon right out of the crock!”

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Blueberry Crumble with Vanilla-Oat Streusel

Sunday August 12, 2012

The beginning baker is attracted to old-fashioned rustic fruit desserts as much as a seasoned one. Just because they are fast and easy, doesn’t mean they are fabulous tasting. Enter the fruit crisp. Crisps are essentially deep-dish fruit pies without the fuss of a top or bottom crust, but coated with a thick top layer of enticingly sweet streusel crumbs.

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The Culinary Traveler: Rice and Vermicelli Pilaf

Sunday July 29, 2012

The combination of rice and thin pasta in a pilaf has pure Middle Eastern roots. It also happens to be the prototype for the commercial RiceARoni mix, a supermarket familiar. Want to make it from scratch (to cut down on the sodium but not lose the great flavor)? The secret is not to use too much pasta, just crumble some ultra-thin angel hair, vermicelli, or one little nest of pasta called a fideo.

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