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Classic Buttermilk Biscuits

Sunday July 22, 2012

Everyone who bakes should have a buttermilk biscuit in their repertoire. Its a favorite bread basket treat. People just love homemade biscuits. And, of course, you have some favorite biscuit cutters in your kitchen drawer or old empty amaretti cookie tin, just waiting to be used. It turns out biscuit cutters is one of my favorite simple gifts to bakers.

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The Microwave: Miso Soup

Sunday June 24, 2012

Miso is a fermented soybean paste that is a staple, along with soy sauce and tofu, in Japanese cuisine. It is salty in nature and thick like nut butter. It is made from soaked soybeans, grains, sea salt, spring water, and a fermentation starter called a koji, sort of a mold like used in making cheese.

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The Baker: French Walnut and Onion Bread

Sunday June 3, 2012

This has been oh such a favorite bread of mine for decades, as well as one of the first country breads I tackled. Containing walnuts and onions, it has a full developed flavor and aroma that is delightfully addictive. It is a recipe adapted from one by the late British food writer Jane Grigson in her wonderful book Good Things, published in the 1960s…

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The Baker: Chinatown Green Onion Cakes

Sunday May 27, 2012

Staple Chinese breads are made with wheat, as in areas of Central Asia, they grow crops similar to the ones on our Great Plains. Since most Chinese homes had only a rudimentary kitchen or cooked outdoors over an open fire, the type of breads they make reflect this. Savory bread rounds leavened with baking powder are often baked on griddles over an open fire, and are assertively seasoned with scallions, garlic, lots of sesame seeds, or peppercorns.

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Cruising the Blogs: Orange Marmalade in the Microwave

Sunday March 4, 2012

My friend, award-winning food writer, journalist, food scout, restaurant critic, reporter on the lam, her own t-shirt boutique pusher, dancer in the dark, dragon boat rowing in the sun, and former editorial boss at the San Jose Mercury News is Carolyn Jung, aka FoodGal. She always has the best darn recipes, from her father’s steak sauce to the best cookies and cocktails.

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Catering Stories: Two For One-Part 1

Sunday February 5, 2012

January 1988 started what was to be a good year for catering. It was an election year and Reaganomics had the country in the lull between Iran-Contra and the end of the Cold War. People were entertaining at home nonstop. I had a lot of private parties scheduled way into the summer. January is a great month to entertain since people are looking for some excitement in the dreary cold month following the Christmas holidays.

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The Baker: Emily’s Lemon Bars

Sunday January 15, 2012

One of the great members of the bar cookie world is the lemon bar. You can say there was BLB (before lemon bar) and ALB (after lemon bar) in my life. Certainly there is no other bar cookie that is as unique and vibrant as the lemon bar.

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Samosa Phyllo Triangles

Sunday November 13, 2011

Dont have time to make a pie dough? Phyllo to the rescue. Keep a package in your freezer and you are ready to fill with any number of delicious savory fillings, such as goat cheese and herbs, spinach and ricotta,…

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Smoked Turkey and Pecan Tea Sandwiches

Sunday November 13, 2011

This simple mixture of turkey, pecans, and green onions is one of the most delicious and popular sandwich I have ever made. It takes minutes to mix in the food processor.

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Gorgeous Bundt Cakes- Cranberry Orange Pound Cake

Sunday October 9, 2011

Ever since its debut in the 1950s, the bundt cake pan has become de rigeur in every baker’s equipment stable. Originally a whimsical alternate to the smooth angel food cake tube pan, the bundt mold with its fetching large-lobed flute design transforms a simple tube cake into a gourmet gateaux by visuals alone.

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