Nutrition Facts

Stuffed Shells with Mushroom Tomato Sauce

Pasta, Polenta, and Rice

Per serving: 312 calories; 16g protein; 15g fat; 5g saturated fat; 29g carbohydrates; 3mg cholesterol; 923mg sodium; 3g fiber

Sweet and Sour Country Ribs

Roasts, Ribs, and Other Good Stuff

Per serving: 932 calories; 60g protein; 59g fat; 20g saturated fat; 36g carbohydrates; 208mg cholesterol; 1869mg sodium; 1g fiber

Tarragon Chicken in Mushroom Sauce with Simply Delicious Oven-Baked Rice

Great Tasting Dinners on the Wing

Per serving: 511 calories; 43g protein; 19g fat; 7g saturated fat; 38g carbohydrates; 134mg cholesterol; 1044mg sodium; 2g fiber

Thai Beef and Pasta Salad

Slow Cooker Main Dish Salads and Sandwiches

Per serving: 532 calories; 32g protein; 17g fat; 5g saturated fat; 63g carbohydrates; 63mg cholesterol; 931mg sodium; 4g fiber

Thai-Style Chicken Thighs

Great Tasting Dinners on the Wing

Per serving: 528 calories; 58g protein; 29g fat; 7g saturated fat; 8g carbohydrates; 189mg cholesterol; 816mg sodium; 2g fiber

The Best Corned Beef and Cabbage

Roasts, Ribs, and Other Good Stuff

Per serving: 510 calories; 32g protein; 27g fat; 8g saturated fat; 33g carbohydrates; 92mg cholesterol; 2609mg sodium; 5g fiber

The Easiest Lasagna Bianco

Pasta, Polenta, and Rice

Per 4 servings: 1021calories; 38g protein; 81g fat; 33g saturated fat; 37g carbohydrates; 136mg cholesterol; 1778mg sodium; 1g fiber

The Simplest Black Bean Soup Ever

Soup, Beautiful Soup

Per serving: 415 calories; 28g protein; 11g fat; 7g saturated fat; 53g carbohydrates; 29mg cholesterol; 1207mg sodium; 21g fiber

Tortilla-Egg Casserole

Favorite Family Breakfasts

717 calories; 34g protein; 46g fat; 24g saturated fat; 44g carbohydrates; 407mg cholesterol; 1410mg sodium; 5g fiber

Turkey and Three-Bean Chili

Satisfying Stews and Comforting Chilis

Per serving: 702 calories; 39g protein; 25g fat; 8g saturated fat; 82g carbohydrates; 91mg cholesterol; 2204mg sodium; 20g fiber