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Bake and Freeze Holiday Desserts

Fresh is best. How many times have we heard that culinary mantra? When it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas desserts, most especially the pies, almost everyone I know gets up especially early on Thanksgiving morning to prepare and bake the pies first so the oven will be free for the turkey or prime rib. It is the advent to the season that has long been associated with our beloved tradition of serving a feast on holidays devoted entirely to eating.

And a feast is not complete without special desserts, made even more so by the fact that they are homemade.

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Freeze and Bake Apple Pie

Thanksgiving and Christmas would not be complete without a beloved homemade apple pie. This pie is assembled and frozen raw in a 2-inch deep ceramic pie dish that is able to go directly from the freezer into the hot oven.…

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Slow Cooker Thanksgiving

Oh is it Thanksgiving again already? A month until Christmas? It was just Fourth of July…where did the year go? So gearing up to the month devoted to eating and gatherings of all type, why not have an easy Thanksgiving feast?

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My Favorite Bottom Crust Apple Pie

One of the best, and easiest, ways to prepare fruit in season is to make a pie. Not just any pie, but a really simple pie–one any one can make even if you are making a pie for the first time–the crostata or galette. The galette is a French term for a free-form, open faced pie; crostata the Italian equivalent.

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