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Vegetarian Paella


Paella in about 30 minutes? Sure! Paella, a composed dry rice dish very similar to Creole Jambalaya and Mexican Arroz con Pollo, is usually a bit of an extravagance both ingredient and time-wise. Americans have taken the Spanish signature dish and adapted it enthusiastically into a fast, satisfying vegetarian one-dish weeknight meal. Here I use quick-cooking brown rice in place of using the white rice.

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The Microwave: Steamed Artichoke with Artichoke Hummus

Many cooks won’t tackle the whole artichoke in the microwave. But cooked one at a time in a measuring cup, makes the job a joy. Another tantalizing Italian-style way with vegetables cookery.

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Aioli is an infamous garlic mayonnaise that is an integral part of the cuisine of Provence in southern France.  There exists some knock-you-out versions made with probably heads of garlic, but a delicious, and not so deadly, aioli is made…

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