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Champagne Fondue

With that leftover bottle or little split of Champagne, impress guests with this simple fondue. Remember to allow about 4 slices of bread per person and, when dipping, swirl and stir the fondue each time.  If the fondue is too…

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The Strata: Savory Bread Puddings

The strata is a culinary term coined in the 1950s for an old-fashioned baked egg casserole composed of layered of ingredients, the same technique used for constructing a lasagne or quiche, only bread is used as the main starch and eggs are the binder.

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An Interview with Me and the Top Ten Reasons to Bake Your Own Bread

There are interviews and there are interviews. I do a lot of print and radio spots and it is one of the perks of a most often solitary job of testing recipes then writing them down, which can take hours per recipe. Interviews give me the chance to get out into the community and interact; to chatter with like minded foodies about what I love. I get really inspired when an interviewer has unique and well thought out questions that make me think and dig deep into my wellspring of knowledge. Here is an interview I did on baking bread and its renaissance in the home kitchen.

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