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Fresh Fruit Cobbler

This fruit cobbler is certainly one of the simplest coffee cakes to make. The cobbler is low in sugar, baking up into an appealing fruit-laden cake that is as flavorful as it is tender.

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The Healthiest Foods for Under $1

Every first week of January is the time to make New Years’ resolutions. It’s just something that goes with the turning of the calendar year, the gateway of looking back at the old and looking forward to the new. As a child, my resolutions were things like I will be nicer to my sister, I will work harder to get better grades, and maybe we can get a puppy.

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For The Cool Dessert Enthusiast

There isn’t a home cook around who doesn’t like to have a few tricks in his/her kitchen for an interesting tasty dessert that will appeal to those who have to watch their calories. The secret is to have desserts that fill this need, but don’t taste like it. Dessert making is the culinary genre with a dash of the alchemy of befoolery. You want to have the appeal be richly irresistible, but have the element of ease of preparation, too. If you can throw in the element of not-so-fat-laden that cannot be detected by the tongue, you are a kitchen wizard to be sure.

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