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Julia’s Aromatic Basmati Rice

Adding whole spices to rice while it is cooking is common in the warm pungent cuisine of India. The whole spices add a gentle scent and subtle flavor to the rice, especially apparent in the rice close to the spices. It is so addictive and yummy, while not being too spicy hot or different that kids won’t eat it.

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Basmati Rice with Corn and Peas

This is a recipe from food writer and restauranteur Jesse Cool and it is a keeper because it adapts for seasonal flexibility with no fuss. For all her fancy cooking, this is one of her staple standbys for dinner at home. In winter, Jesse uses organic frozen vegetables from Cascadian Farms; in summer, fresh. We like white corn, if available. Keep your paprika in the refrigerator instead of the cupboard to keep it fresh.

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