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My Favorite Buckwheat Crêpes

I adapted my first buckwheat crêpes from this old Chez Panisse recipe that uses beer for the liquid; they are delightfully light-flavored despite the addition of the often intensely musky buckwheat. This recipe, good for sweet or savory versions, utilizes lots of eggs and flavorful flat beer in the batter.

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The Legend, The Lore, and How to Make the Ultimate Buckwheat Crêpe

Ti Couz (“the old house” in Gaelic) is a popular San Francisco crêperie bretonne conceived, owned, and run by my friend Sylvie Le Mer, who was born and raised in Quimper in Lower Brittany, France. Once a staple in the diet of both the rich and the poor, savory buckwheat crêpes, known as krampouz, are traditional in this area of France.

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