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My Catering Stories: Reflections in a Star of David Part 2

Back up at the house, Crystal headed to the Egyptian room to set up the tables and arrange the chairs and tablecloths. I stood for a moment assessing the space and walked into the living room. There were the muted sounds of people doing setup in other areas of the house. The caterer had arrived and I could hear pounding coming from large granite mortars and pestles; they were making fresh salsa for dinner.

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My Catering Stories: Reflections on a Star of David

One day in early January I received a telephone call.”Hello, may I speak to Beth please,” came the soft toned voice. “Speaking,” I replied absentmindedly, used to unfamiliar voices inquiring about catering.”This is Mimi Fariña of Bread and Roses calling from Marin County. I am having a small fundraiser at Bill Graham’s house in Mill Valley next month and I was wondering if you, as a bread baker, would be able to do something for us.”

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