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New Fashioned Bean Pot: Soak, Simmer, Then Flavor

The slow cooker, invented originally from an existing electric bean pot, is the most efficient way to cook dried beans and legumes, no matter what type you choose–mottled, black, red, or white. There is minimal evaporation during the cooking, just like in the old potbelly-shaped brown and cream clay bean pot that went in the oven or embers.

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Hot Chili for a Cold Month aka Crock Pot Crowd Pleasers

All chilis are not made equal, at least not in my kitchen. I like a lot of variety in my chili–some days white-style with white beans and chicken, another day smoky-hot with ground beef and black beans, and even another day, no meat at all and just hominy and fresh vegetables. Some days I like it spicy-hot, other days, just mild enough to hint at the combination of spices. It is also one of the premier reasons to own a slow cooker.

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