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Microwave Brown Bag Popcorn

The microwave is the true home for popping popcorn. While there are quite a few specialized types of microwave popcorn poppers on the market, the good old brown bag method reigns supreme in my mind, especially if you are without any other contraption in which to pop.

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Microwave Cooking: Olive Oil Granola with Golden Raisins

Granola certainly has become one of the most touted of healthy breakfast cereals and what we are experiencing now commercially has grown straight out of its roots in the hippie whole grain oat-nut-and-seed kitchen of the 1960s. The name granola is a take on granula, a toasted wheat cereal touted by whole grain movement of Sylvester Graham in the 1900s. Since it is tremendously versatile, it takes to all sorts of additions and variations on the basic recipe.

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The Culinary Traveler: Pão de Queijo – Brazilian Cheese Bread

I have no idea how I luckily fell upon this recipe roaming on the internet. Most recipes are written as variations of each other, so there is not too much unique material, but every so often something new pops up. This recipe, although it uses a familiar technique like making a popover or crepe batter, is a new one for me. Unless you are born in Brazil, you probably have not heard of it. This is Pão de Queijo, or Brazilian cheese bread, sort of like a chewy cheese puff made with non-glutinous tapioca flour.

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