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The Culinary Traveler: The Forgotten Cereal of the Ancients: Quinoa

Quinoa translates to “mother” in Quechua, one of the main languages of native Andean peoples and Incan descendants. It was a staple highland grain of equal importance as maize, and considered a premium food source of strength and endurance for working in the thin mountain air.

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Growing Food Grains in Your Home Garden — Yes You Can

If you love to bake bread and are a gardener, chances are you’ve wondered about growing a small patch of your own grains. An increasing number of avid home gardeners are growing, reaping (cutting stalks and binding into sheaves), threshing (shaking the grain from heads), winnowing (separating the grain from chaff and straw bits), and grinding their own grains from a small backyard patch.

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