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Pears: The Aromatic Fruit

I adore fresh pears. Next to apples, oranges, and bananas, pears are the most common winter fruit. A delicate fruit with a short harvest period, we can enjoy fresh pears from Washington and Oregon all winter due to the convenience of cold storage that slows the delicate off-the-tree ripening process. Pears are easily eaten out of hand, sliced in fruit salads, or paired fresh with cheese for dessert, but the baked desserts they make are positively ethereal, even a bit exotic.

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Cruising the Blogs: Pear Bread with Vanilla and Ginger

Pear Bread from the Quick Breads book is the kind of quick bread that turns out so perfect that you will get inspired to keep on baking more and more. It has to have something to do with the buttermilk in the recipe. Pears are my favorite fruit and one of THE fruits of fall. And its pear harvest time…

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