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Savory Dumplings-Staples of our Ancestors’ Kitchen

I like to remind bakers about dumplings. That is European style dumplings-matzo balls, gnocchi, potato dumplings, and späetzle, not stuffed Asian dumplings, which are in a category all their own. Large or small, sweet or savory, dumplings are little round balls, spheres, or small fat sausage shapes made from flour, potatoes, semolina, or breadcrumbs, then boiled.

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Convenience Foods Make Weeknight Cooking a Snap

Poultry is the ultimate weeknight supper. But how to jazz up the old standbys and not add alot of time in the process? Enter the boneless chicken breast since the bone-in breasts and legs cook at drastically different times. They cook exceptionally fast and are extremely versatile.

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