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Cruising the Blogs: Cranberry Orange Muffins

It’s technically the end of the cranberry season. But I notice big piles of cranberries in the produce section, begging to be taken home and frozen for use throughout the year. Hopefully you stashed a few bags in the freezer to hold you over until next fall holiday season. Frozen cranberries are excellent for making muffins, quick breads, even in stews or as one of your favorite cranberry sauces at Easter, if you haven’t noticed.

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Not Your Mother’s® Casseroles

Generations of home cooks have turned to the casserole when in need of a quick and easy dinner. These assemble-and-bake meals recall memories of canned vegetables, boxed cheese and condensed soups. No more! In Faith Durand’s new book, you will find more than 200 recipes that bring together the simplicity of the one-pot meal with fresh and healthy ingredients to create casseroles that are decidedly “not your mother’s.”

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