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The Basics: Who is Salt

Salt has become one of my most interesting posts. It is an important addition to food, accenting and balancing the natural flavors in food. While there is a lot of bad press nutritionally about salt, it is vital to good health and fundamental to the proper functioning of the entire body since it is the element that moves oxygen through our bloodstream and muscles.

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The Legend, The Lore, and How to Make the Ultimate Buckwheat Crêpe

Ti Couz (“the old house” in Gaelic) is a popular San Francisco crêperie bretonne conceived, owned, and run by my friend Sylvie Le Mer, who was born and raised in Quimper in Lower Brittany, France. Once a staple in the diet of both the rich and the poor, savory buckwheat crêpes, known as krampouz, are traditional in this area of France.

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