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Waffles Take Center Stage

I think we are in a waffle renaissance. Not pancakes. Waffles. The food of the kids on the weekend. Waffle are just everywhere and they are begging to be reinvented anew.

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New-Fashioned Strawberry Shortcakes

Genuine fruit shortcakes are an American summer passion. It is the harmonious balance of sweet, juicy fruit in season, fluffy whipped cream, and crumby, rich biscuits that make them irresistible. No matter how many fancy desserts I make or taste, no matter how many different fruits I showcase in a shortcake, strawberry shortcake is still supreme. It will never go out of style. It is a dessert that is new fashioned as it is old fashioned.

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The Baker: Chinatown Green Onion Cakes

Staple Chinese breads are made with wheat, as in areas of Central Asia, they grow crops similar to the ones on our Great Plains. Since most Chinese homes had only a rudimentary kitchen or cooked outdoors over an open fire, the type of breads they make reflect this. Savory bread rounds leavened with baking powder are often baked on griddles over an open fire, and are assertively seasoned with scallions, garlic, lots of sesame seeds, or peppercorns.

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