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The Baker: Food Processor Italian Whole Wheat with Marinated Goat Cheese

I took a bread baking class at a virtually unknown cooking school, long gone and forgotten now, with my mother in the 1980s and learned this Italian whole wheat bread. It is called a traditional pane integrale.

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How The Bread Machine Book Came To Be Written

I learned how to make my first loaf of bread when I was 18 years old. My room mates made the White Bread Plus recipe out of the Joy Of Cooking cookbook and it tasted so incredible! The texture and flavor were like nothing I had ever had from the supermarket or a bakery.

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The Baker: Bread Machine Ciabatta Bread

Ciabatta is probably one of the hottest Italian-style country breads made in this country today in artisan bakeries. It is totally delicious and has a very characteristic open moist crumb and appearance. You can even say in bread terms it is a craze. As a bread maker, it is one of those breads you want to master. As a bread maker, it is one of those breads you want to master.

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Beth Bytes/Sujata’s Curried Chicken Wings

There is some hot news this week. My personal website, bethhensperger.com is launched and ready for visitors! The website is a composite of my publishing history with four publishers and a catalog of all my books from the last 25 years, while at the same time being a companion to the more active weekly blog here at Harvard Common Press’s notyourmotherscookbooks.com.

I spent time remembering and writing about what each book meant to me and quips from when I was writing it. There are two free recipes from each book (we all love free treats). There is a marketplace where I am letting you in on my favorite equipment, the real deal, not advertising…

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