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My Catering Stories: Reflections on a Star of David

One day in early January I received a telephone call.”Hello, may I speak to Beth please,” came the soft toned voice. “Speaking,” I replied absentmindedly, used to unfamiliar voices inquiring about catering.”This is Mimi Fariña of Bread and Roses calling from Marin County. I am having a small fundraiser at Bill Graham’s house in Mill Valley next month and I was wondering if you, as a bread baker, would be able to do something for us.”

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Catering Stories: Two For One-Part 2

The counterpoint to the Victorian office party was that Nicole’s best friend decided to get married. The same day. And this was a marriage with a lot of excitement and happiness attached.

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Catering Stories: Two For One-Part 1

January 1988 started what was to be a good year for catering. It was an election year and Reaganomics had the country in the lull between Iran-Contra and the end of the Cold War. People were entertaining at home nonstop. I had a lot of private parties scheduled way into the summer. January is a great month to entertain since people are looking for some excitement in the dreary cold month following the Christmas holidays.

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