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Chocolate Cake of the Month: Black Forest Chocolate Cherry Cake

When asking many of my friends what their favorite winter layer cake is, I am always surprised when most of them emphatically reply “Black Forest Cake!” Never having made it myself and finding bakery versions much too sugary with canned cherry pie filling, my interest perked up when a friend told me of the best Black Forest Cake she ever had; it was from an old recipe printed in Bon Apétit magazine in the 1970s.

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Fresh Fruit Cobbler

This fruit cobbler is certainly one of the simplest coffee cakes to make. The cobbler is low in sugar, baking up into an appealing fruit-laden cake that is as flavorful as it is tender.

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Cherry Cobbler with Rum Whipped Cream

The other day in the check out line while perusing the scandal sheets, I realized the person in front of me and the one behind me were both buying big bags of fresh sweet cherries. Voila. Cherry season has arrived. Spring is officially here and with it, the first little stone fruit. So buy enough to eat fresh out of hand, then some for cooking a crisp or cobbler (easier than pie), muffins, and some savory dish like duck with cherries.

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Vampire Dessert Buffet-Recipes and How To

photograph by Philip Burne-Jones Bt. (1861-1926)

Buffet Preparation, Storage,and Service Timeline

  • Prepare two chocolate tortes, the chocolate sauce, the crêpes, almonds, biscotti, chocolate chip cookie dough, and double batch of compote 2 to 3 days ahead.
    Miss Grace Jones/horror comedy/1991/look for…

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Spring is Here-Rhubarb Desserts

I spied the first field-grown rhubarb in the produce section the other day and that means local grown rhubarb will be showing up at the farmer’s market as well. What a treat for the seasonal pie maker. If I don’t have time, I will make a crisp, even a small one for two.

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