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Slow Cooker: Braised Quail on Toast

I met my first quail at dinner in the Chez Panisse restaurant back in the 1970s. When the diminutive whole braised game bird was set in front of me, little legs splayed all to heaven in my direction, I commented: “Well, aren’t these indecent little birds!” Quail are a real gourmet treat. They are easy to cook at home for a special dinner.

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Champagne Risotto with Leeks and Celery

While you can use any champagne or sparkling wine, such as Prosecco, it can be fresh from the bottle or leftover flat dregs. I heat the champagne first to burn off a bit of the alcohol. This is has a good proportion of wine, so the flavor will be marked. If you want your risotto to look pristine, be sure to use white pepper.

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Veal Stew with Champagne

Champagne is a wonderful complement to veal and makes a lovely flavorful stew. It is a great use for leftover champagne. Veal makes a milder stew than beef or venison. Serve this Italian style, with risotto.

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