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Holiday Baking: Hungarian Poppy Seed Roll

Christmas is not considered complete without special occasion baking and Hungarian poppy seed roll is the premier of the genre. Recipes for Hungarian rolls with a poppy seed-raisin filling are known as Mákos es Dios Kalacs (known in village slang as a Beigli). Every home has it’s own recipe for these rolls and they are a favorite sweet bread.

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Holiday Baking: Christmas Butter Cookies

Butter cookies are good for company, for Christmas Eve, after mass, after dinner.  They are a gloriously simple rolled cookie. And this recipe is the one perfect recipe to have in your stash of Christmas cookies for giving and sharing,…

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Bake and Freeze Holiday Desserts

Fresh is best. How many times have we heard that culinary mantra? When it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas desserts, most especially the pies, almost everyone I know gets up especially early on Thanksgiving morning to prepare and bake the pies first so the oven will be free for the turkey or prime rib. It is the advent to the season that has long been associated with our beloved tradition of serving a feast on holidays devoted entirely to eating.

And a feast is not complete without special desserts, made even more so by the fact that they are homemade.

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Freeze and Bake Apple Pie

Thanksgiving and Christmas would not be complete without a beloved homemade apple pie. This pie is assembled and frozen raw in a 2-inch deep ceramic pie dish that is able to go directly from the freezer into the hot oven.…

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Cranberry Ginger Compote

Cranberries and blueberries come from the same botanical family as rhododendrons and heathers. They are native to the bogs of New England, but great fruit comes from Oregon and Washington, all grown organically. Fresh cranberries arrive in stores in late fall and can be frozen in their original wrapping (don’t put frozen cranberries in the bread machine; defrost first) for use in the spring and summer. Use bags of fresh cranberries within two weeks of purchase so that they won’t get mushy or shriveled. My mother got this recipe from her antique dealer, Alan, who is a genius in the kitchen. For so few ingredients, the results are tart and satisfying with all sorts of roasted meats like poultry, pork loin, and ham. This method of preparing cranberry sauce with the ginger juice fast became a yearly ritual at Thanksgiving and Christmas in my family.

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