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Chez Dining Room: The Nobel Prize Award Ceremony Banquet

The first week in December, the recipients of this year’s Noble Prizes journey to Scandinavia for the award ceremonies, pick up their checks, and then celebrate afterwards with the ne plus ultra of state dinners attended by royalty, Parliamentarians, government officials, and invited guests.

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Hot Tomato Consommé

Consomme is a clear, strong broth often served as the first course of French-style meals. Consomme is made from meat or poultry bones or even vegetables, but is clarified by straining the stock instead of leaving it full of chunky vegetables like in regular soup. The true process is long, but rewarding, and all true chefs learn to make it. But a lovely mock consomme can be made with tomato juice and canned broth in the slow cooker. This is an unusual, light bodied soup adapted from one of my favorite phamplets called Home for The Holidays by Irena Chalmers’ Potpourri Press (1980). Don’t skip the avocado garnish; it is delicious as it is lovely to look at.

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