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The Strata: Savory Bread Puddings

The strata is a culinary term coined in the 1950s for an old-fashioned baked egg casserole composed of layered of ingredients, the same technique used for constructing a lasagne or quiche, only bread is used as the main starch and eggs are the binder.

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Farmhouse Butter Churned the Food Processor

Any type of milk produces enough cream to be churned into a full fat butter. Homemade butter is easily made with a food processor in a fast, clean, and very efficient manner. Because making butter is so simple, it makes a great project for kids as well as adults. It’s a remarkably fast and easy process that lets you see for yourself where this ever-so-basic and familiar food comes from.

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Caramel Brie

This is a rave recipe for a group; Brie cheese is presented with a thick top coating of caramel. As the party goers cut the cheese, they get some caramel at the same time to spread on crackers or apple slices. It is a flavor combo made in culinary heaven.

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