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Appetizer Crostini

What are crostini? Literally translated to “little crusts,” they are Italian-style appetizer croutons. Usually slices of bread are toasted slowly until golden and then spread with a variety of tasty savory toppings, they are a clever way to use up day-old bread.

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Microwave Brown Bag Popcorn

The microwave is the true home for popping popcorn. While there are quite a few specialized types of microwave popcorn poppers on the market, the good old brown bag method reigns supreme in my mind, especially if you are without any other contraption in which to pop.

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Roasted Pepitas

If you are using a fresh pumpkin, you will have pumpkin seeds, which can be roasted and salted for some good nibbling, used in baking, or for a topping on salads.

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Vampire Dessert Buffet-Recipes and How To

photograph by Philip Burne-Jones Bt. (1861-1926)

Buffet Preparation, Storage,and Service Timeline

  • Prepare two chocolate tortes, the chocolate sauce, the crêpes, almonds, biscotti, chocolate chip cookie dough, and double batch of compote 2 to 3 days ahead.
    Miss Grace Jones/horror comedy/1991/look for…

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Samosa Phyllo Triangles

Dont have time to make a pie dough? Phyllo to the rescue. Keep a package in your freezer and you are ready to fill with any number of delicious savory fillings, such as goat cheese and herbs, spinach and ricotta,…

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