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The Thanksgiving Roll Basket

It is the very fresh, golden brown, tender dinner roll that dominates a fully provisioned traditional Thanksgiving table. My favorite holiday of the year, Thanksgiving is the only holiday devoted entirely to enjoying food. It is a time to share a meal with family and guests, as well as showcasing some of your culinary specialties.

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Little French Rolls à la Bread and Roses

Even if you have never made bread before, you can make these rolls, known as petits pains in French. It is a simple and straightforward dough, even indestructible as long as you don’t kill the yeast. In recent years I have come to use doughs that are much more wet and sticky than this one, but I always come back to this basic recipe that was originally patterned after James Beard’s Cuban Bread.

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So You Wanna Host An End of Summer Potluck-A Chat About Tips of the Trade

I get lots of questions about how to do a potluck and tips on giving a successful end-of-summer outdoor buffet party. Here are some off the cuff Q&As and a favorite recipe for entertaining.

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