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Chocolate Velvet: Chocolate Cake of the Month

If you love cheesecake and also love chocolate, this recipe is for you. This is one of the finest cheesecakes I have ever made and the name says it all…chocolate velvet..smooth and creamy all the way down from your lips to your tummy. It sits in a yummy pecan-enhanced graham cracker crust.

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My Favorite Devil’s Food Layer Cake

Another winner out of the old McCall’s Cookbook I have been making since about 1980 that I learned from my mother. It is so perfect a cake, I have never had to make another recipe for devil’s food. Devil’s food…

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Katharine Hepburn’s Brownies

I come from a long line of movie buffs. I mean hard core movie lovers from way back. I went to the movies every Sunday with my Aunt Marge all the years starting from about age 6 growing up in northern New Jersey. My aunt had all the old Dell Publishing Modern Screen and Photoplay movie magazines form the 1930s on up, as well as books written by the movie stars about their lives.

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