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Ode to the Royal Wedding Cake

Wills and Kate are back from their honeymoon already (and their first official state duty of greeting the Obamas in the palace behind them and a visit to Los Angeles with dinner prepared by Giada De Laurentiis. What was on the menu? Pea pesto crostini, California chopped salad, and chicken Milanese.) and I haven’t even made my statement on their wedding cake yet! Soooo here is my spring/summer 2011 royal wedding cake extravaganza recap…

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Vintage Glamour Wedding Cake

Here is the recipe for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s vintage glamour wedding cake, which includes the instructions by Fiona Cairnes for making the tamarind fruit cake batter, icing, cake decorations and assembly, so now you can recreate the royal wedding cake in your own home.

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