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Microwave Fresh Strawberry Jam-Summer’s Treat

Strawberry jam is certainly one of the all-time favorite homemade jams. Exceptional, chunky, fresh-fruit jams are easily made within half an hour utilizing the microwave oven. Homemade jams are less sweet than commercial jams and much more exciting in flavor, texture, and color.

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The Baker: Emily’s Lemon Bars

One of the great members of the bar cookie world is the lemon bar. You can say there was BLB (before lemon bar) and ALB (after lemon bar) in my life. Certainly there is no other bar cookie that is as unique and vibrant as the lemon bar.

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Old World Poundcake

I have a passion for poundcakes. Of course they are dense and rich, they’re meant to be, but for a birthday or special occasion holiday, it is a dessert cake that reigns supreme.
I grew up with poundcake. By a baker named Sara Lee.

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