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Farmhouse Butter Churned the Food Processor

Any type of milk produces enough cream to be churned into a full fat butter. Homemade butter is easily made with a food processor in a fast, clean, and very efficient manner. Because making butter is so simple, it makes a great project for kids as well as adults. It’s a remarkably fast and easy process that lets you see for yourself where this ever-so-basic and familiar food comes from.

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Very Old Fashioned End of Season Fruit Pies

There is lots of fresh glorious fruit still in the markets, roadside vegetable stands, and farmer’s market even though it is September. Anyone with a backyard tree is at the place of giving away their bounty. The late summer fruit boasts lots of flavor from sweet and sharp to smooth and tangy. Beautiful ripe peaches, the first honey-sweet fall apples, the last plums, and tart berries give us a sense of the seasons as well as inspiration.

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