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Professional Quality Mixers Have a Place in Our Kitchens

Home bakers usually all have a portable hand mixer in their equipment pantry; it is an essential tool since it makes the task of beating mixtures a snap. But hand mixers, which are perfect for whipping a cup of heavy cream, frosting for one cake, or mashed potatoes for six, have their limits due to their low power output.

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Buying Your First Slow Cooker and Universal Slow Cooking Tips

You can really have your choice of brands in buying a slow cooker. Any of the major brands are competitive–Rival, Kitchen Aid, Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach, but for families you want the right size. That is the super size 6 1/2 to 7 quart model. This will give you some leftovers and still feed a family. Most slow cooker cooks end up with three different sizes, all for different dishes.

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