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The Microwave: Tokyo Clam Chowder

White clam chowder remains one of the classic American soups, once regional, now transcontinental. There are Santa Cruz boardwalk clam chowders, Miami clam chowder, Nantucket clam chowder, Fire Island clam chowder, Chicago clam chowder, and of course, a New York…

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Bread Machine: The Best Hamburger Sandwich Buns and Hot Dog Long Rolls

The easiest way to eat either a barbecued beef sandwich, pulled pork, a burger, sloppy joes, sliders, hot dog with sauerkraut, even a little bahn mi or a Beer Soaked Brat is on a soft bun. Homemade buns are exceptionally delicious and really elevate your humble cooking to a real taste treat.

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