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Slow Cooker: Sujata’s Curried Chicken Wings

People just adore all manner of chicken wings and there are dozens of glazes and marinades to spice them up. This version is coated with a homemade curry paste and have a colorful history. They are mildly spicy, flavorful, and fabulous, easily made in the slow cooker.

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Beth Bytes/Sujata’s Curried Chicken Wings

There is some hot news this week. My personal website, bethhensperger.com is launched and ready for visitors! The website is a composite of my publishing history with four publishers and a catalog of all my books from the last 25 years, while at the same time being a companion to the more active weekly blog here at Harvard Common Press’s notyourmotherscookbooks.com.

I spent time remembering and writing about what each book meant to me and quips from when I was writing it. There are two free recipes from each book (we all love free treats). There is a marketplace where I am letting you in on my favorite equipment, the real deal, not advertising…

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