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Vegetarian Paella


Paella in about 30 minutes? Sure! Paella, a composed dry rice dish very similar to Creole Jambalaya and Mexican Arroz con Pollo, is usually a bit of an extravagance both ingredient and time-wise. Americans have taken the Spanish signature dish and adapted it enthusiastically into a fast, satisfying vegetarian one-dish weeknight meal. Here I use quick-cooking brown rice in place of using the white rice.

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Cooking for a Crowd: Moroccan Chicken with Dried Fruit and Olives

Moroccan cuisine is influenced by Spanish and French cooking techniques and their main dish meat and vegetable casserole stews are called tagines, which has become a household word in the culinary circles. It is also the name of the traditional baking dish.

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Appetizer Crostini

What are crostini? Literally translated to “little crusts,” they are Italian-style appetizer croutons. Usually slices of bread are toasted slowly until golden and then spread with a variety of tasty savory toppings, they are a clever way to use up day-old bread.

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Mediterranean Greek Salad

A well-made combination salad is an irresistible delight. Especially on a hot night. It is healthy eating at it’s best and appeals to all types of eaters, fitting all palates (those on special diets appreciate lusty main dish salads they can dig into with abandon as well).

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Catering Stories: Two For One-Part 2

The counterpoint to the Victorian office party was that Nicole’s best friend decided to get married. The same day. And this was a marriage with a lot of excitement and happiness attached.

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