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Culinary Traveler: Valley of Fruit

I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately, which happened in a flash last week when I drove south on El Camino Real, passing the land that used to be Olson’s cherry orchards. The aging cherry trees have been pulled out to make way for more shopping centers and apartments, which is also the fate for Brentwood, west of Stockton, where much of our California fruit has been coming from in the last decade.

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The Rice Cooker: Steam Me A Pud

I started making steamed puddings in my restaurant days. Barbara Hiken brought in a recipe from one of the waitresses for persimmon pudding and we made it that day. And never made another recipe since it was so darn good. But you have to wait for the persimmon season to get the puree to make it since persimmons are a fruit that is not canned or frozen commercially.

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Steamed Persimmon Pudding with Brandy Sauce

The apple of the Orient is our orange globe of fall to harken the holidays here in California.  The neighborhoods are dotted with trees outfitted with the fetching pointed ovals.  I can beg a few because most trees are so…

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