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Feeding R.C.

While I was catering, over the decades, I worked for some really wonderful people who owned businesses and needed to have catered affairs as part of their PR. One of these was the now-defunct Sunbird Fine Art Gallery in Los Altos, California, a small but affluent town at the foothills of the Coast Range in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Strudel for the Rest of Us

I’m envious of strudel makers. They mix up this little fist-sized ball of dough, then start rolling it out with a rolling pin like a pie dough on the kitchen table covered with a clean bed sheet. It ends up as thin as tissue paper and as large as a cloak, hanging over the edges of the table, and they do this magic thing by just gently pulling it with their fingertips.

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Chez Dining Room: Mount Athos Monastery and Spanakopita

The food of Greece is wholesome regional and seasonal peasant food. One of the main foods is the pitta, or savory pie. Vegetables of all types, olive oil, herbs, grains, the famous thick yogurt, feta cheese are wrapped in phyllo, Greek for leaf. Greek cuisine, influenced by both Eastern and Western cuisines is considered one of the healthiest on the planet.

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